Monday, December 12, 2011

Oldie but Goodie

The last few days here have been COLD.  I'm not sure I should really be complaining because we've had a really mild winter this year, but I can always use an excuse to whip up some cute accessories to help keep us warm.

This one is an oldie, but I still love how they turned out and am going to make up another batch with some cute girlie embellishments today.  PLUS, they are perfect for kiddos who hate keeping hats on.

I've also made these the opposite way; with the thin part hitting behind the ears and the thick part of the band in the front.  I think they are cute both ways.  It just depends on how you want to wear them.  You just want the seam to be in the back so make sure you cut your fabric out accordingly.

In other, non-related news:

I made it to 38 weeks and no baby yet....which is fine because my husband has MBA finals all week  (no small task).  We're hoping for an after Christmas baby but we'll take her whenever she's ready.

In other news, we moved this weekend.  And in less than 3 days are almost completely unpacked.  We had a ton of help from family and really good friends cleaning and moving the big stuff.  We have about 10 boxes left and they all happen to be my sewing/crafting supplies.  It's sickening how much I have acquired in a short amount of time.  I just need to decide the best place to keep it's a hard decision.

Happy sewing!  I hope you have a productive week!



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