Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 I recently created a Flickr account for this blog.  I'm not sure if any of you have used any of my tutorials, but I hope that eventually you will find some of them useful and try them out.  If you do (or already have), I would love to see what you made/make.  I would love to see how you have improved my ideas, I would love to see your fabric choices, your cute models, your creativity...the list goes on.  If you have or are planning to use a tutorial or idea please take a moment and upload a picture or two showing what you've done.  You can click the link above or on the left sidebar.  It really would mean a lot to me!

If there is some interest and some of you actually add to the pool I would love to feature your creations on my blog.  I'm thinking a monthly (or twice monthly) "Flickr Feature" where I spotlight creations from the Homestitched Flickr pool.  With links back to your blog if you have one, of course.

Other news...it is quite possible that the name of this blog will change in the near future.  When I created this blog I searched 'Homestitched' on every search engine imaginable and nothing came up.  BUT we all know how these things go and now it seems that there is a homestitched.com out there.  It probably won't ever be a problem but I want to keep my options open in case I ever decide to expand this blog into something more (like making/selling patterns).  I have no idea what I will change it to or if I even will, but just wanted to give you the heads up.

On to the real question of the day....

Is it safe to use thread after something like this happens?  I honestly don't know.

Before I caught her, she managed to tangle just about every thread in my drawer.  Nice.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. All you can do is laugh because she is so so so cute!

  2. I nabbed up www.onthelaundryline.com about three years ago even though I didn't start really using it until recently. It cost me $10/year and seemed worth that to keep my options open in case my blog went anywhere, or stuck around, or whatever.

    So funny, since it's not my thread ;) Does she have teeth yet? If not it should be fine, if yes she might have weakened some threads and they might snap on you mid-project. If that doesn't bother you, then it should still be fine.

  3. That is too funny because my daughter just did the same thing! I still need to detangle the mess and reorganize my threads. But she's 2 and just likes taking them in and out of the container instead of chewing on them. :)


  4. She is so sweet... luckily you can just cut the thread and waste a little! He he he she is getting you back for me! Rememebr the spit balls on the mirrow?

  5. Just had to let you know that I just used your Be Mine skirt tutorial for a skirt for my daughter for Easter and made tie applique shirt for my son out of the same fabric. So cute!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Who needs patterns! Sewing this way is so much more fun!

  6. I just did a search through swagbucks and your blog was one of the very first results (after Target and Lowes ? weird).
    Haha, my thread looks like that too! Word of caution...be careful with those gutermann thread spools, the end comes off. Then again maybe it's just my 3 yr. old who figured that out the first time he ever grabbed one (he's forever dismantling things!).