Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove

(Taken the same day she got the cast.  She's growling and clapping.  Her two favorite things to do.)

As mentioned earlier, we had a little accident this week.  Basically, it involved me having a dumb mom moment and allowing my 10 month old to fall off the changing table.  It was horrible.  By far the worst day we've had so far.  We made it 10 months without really having any accidents, but this one sure made up for that.  It took a while to figure out her leg was hurting and not her head.  When a baby falls I automatically think head injury, so we spent the day checking for signs of a concussion and didn't really think anything of the fact that she didn't want to crawl, stand, or do anything but be held.  Once we figured it out we were able to get her some help.  X-ray's showed that she had a fractured femur and they were able to splint the bone before we saw the specialist that afternoon for a cast.

The cast made everything a lot better because it only really hurts when her leg was bumped or moved.  Now it's stuck in one place and she has gone back to basically being her normal self. Getting into trouble...

Crawling around....I'm sure you know the drill.

It hasn't seemed to slow her down too much.  Kids adapt so easily.  But we're trying to keep her off her leg as much as possible.  We were originally told she would need a half body cast (up her left leg, above the belly button, and half way down the other leg), but they opted to try this one because it would be easier and more sanitary for a baby (to change diapers and such) and the fracture was low enough on the femur that it would be able to heal.  

So we are being very careful.  She spends most of her days laying on the ground, playing with toys and watching more TV than I would like to admit.  

Any ideas for activities not involving her legs would be much appreciated.  She's getting really restless and bored.

Well that was pretty close to a novel, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the sweet comments earlier this week.  It's been a little hard to deal with.  More for her than for me, I'm sure, but I can't help but feel embarrassed/guilty/sad that I let this happen.  It's hard to go anywhere without getting comments and's not every day that you see a baby this small with a cast.  And the doctors made it very clear that it doesn't happen very often and asked me a million questions about how it DID happen (they were just doing their jobs and looking out for my child so I am grateful they cared, but it still hurt.  I try to be a good mom and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my little girl).  

But we're moving on.  One month until we return to normal.  One month till she can start trying to walk again (she was getting so close before), one month before I can spend my days crawling after her instead of laying next to her.  We can do it.  Far worse things could happen.

Anyways, I am sorry for the lack of craftiness this week.  I have hardly touched the machines but I did manage to make a cute little dress by using this tutorial from Shwin and Shwin.  

I did the collar and buttons a little different, and I put the elastic casing on the outside instead of the inside.  I also hemmed the sleeves by folding twice outward so that the hem ended up on the outside.  Thats my favorite part.  

Oh and I added the pleated pocket.  I love gray and yellow.  Especially if it involves polka dots and florals.  It looks better on the model, but I didn't want to torture her with a photo shoot today.  Sorry.  Maybe I'll snag some pictures when she actually wears it.

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  1. Aw, what a sweetie. Glad she's going to be ok, and you'll both recover.

  2. Oh poor sweet thing! Glad she's adjusting pretty well. My friend's little boy also broke his leg when he was a baby and you wouldn't even know it now.

  3. I love her growling and clapping face -- too precious! Glad to hear everything is OK.

  4. Looks like she's putting on a brave face:) don't beat yourself up about it- we all have our dumb mom moments. You could take her to the park for a ride on the swings. Anne is always really happy in her stroller or shopping cart, so you might try hitting the mall where you can walk for awhile and there's plenty for her to look at it.

  5. Poor Baby! And poor Mommy too!! Hope you both feel better quickly!
    Cute dress! Love it!

  6. Aww...hugs to you and your baby girl! We all have bad mommy moments! I let my son in a bumboo seat on the table in our camper, while I turned to grab a napkin. He tipped over, summersalting off the table then bench finally hitting the floor. I don't know who shed more tears, me or him. Activities...its never to early to start coloring! :-) What about interactive books, ones with sliding doors and such?

  7. Ouch! I hope everything gets better asap!

    The yellow and gray dress is so adorable!

  8. Ah, poor little one. :(
    I hope she heals quickly and cleanly.

    As for activities, I'm guessing that she enjoys physical stimulus more than intellectual at this stage. Since she needs to keep weight off that leg, what about taking her "swimming"? Or just playing tickle and such with her to keep her on her back? Or those baby bouncy chair things maybe?
    Best of luck!

  9. We all do stuff as moms we regret, don't let it get you down. I allowed someone else's baby to roll off my bed and she had to have an MRI. I have also accidentally bumped my son and caused him to fall off the front step skinning up his face, not once but twice!

    It's hard to entertain a 10 month old as it is, I suspect if her leg bothers her she won't put pressure on it though.

    I love the yellow top!

  10. Poor baby and momma! I hope you both feel better soon!

  11. Oh honey I wish I could just climb through this computer and give you a great big hug. Mommy guilt is the worst thing ever. It'll eat you alive if you let it. So try, try, try to just let it go and let yourself off the hook this time.

    She's going to be just fine. In a few months I'm sure she'll be running laps around you!

  12. Poor, poor baby! I so feel her pain! I just got my matching pink cast off. So sad... Hang in there... time will go by quicker than you think. :)

  13. My oldest broke his leg at almost the same age, also due to a dumb mommy moment. I didn't get the baby gate closed right and he ended up falling down the stairs. Hope your little one recovers as quickly as my son did, kids are resilient (good thing).

  14. You poor mom! I can't imagine how you must be feeling! It totally does happen all the time though! Accidents happen, especially with active toddlers! Don't feel bad!

    By the way your dress and leggings are SUPER cute! And congrats for being featured on Kojodesigns!

  15. Fill a large tupperware with Cheerios and let her scoop and dig in there. Do the same thing with a bucket of water.

    We all have moments where we are looking somewhere else and something happens. Keep your head up.

  16. I'm glad she's doing so well. What a tough little gal!

  17. I'm glad you were able to figure out what was hurting. So sorry that it happened! Like everyone else said, try not to beat yourself up over it--stuff happens no matter how careful we think we're being. I hope you get through this month with your sanity intact! :)

  18. I had one of those moments this week to. My 18 month old tried to drive her car down the stairs!!! she landed at the bottom after bouncing a couple times and the car hitting her in the head! I turned around just in time to see it all. I am glad you daughter is doing good!

  19. I stumbled across your blog. ;) My first reaction (when I saw her picture) was to feel sad for the baby girl, and after reading your story, I also feel so sad for you! We all have our moments--we want the very best for our babies but are still human, and make mistakes. Remember that she's okay (and looks happy!), and she'll heal! :)
    -Jennifer :)

  20. Swung over from Naptime Crafters. Had to read the story on the leg. My son is now 2 1/2. Back in November, I brought him to the ER twice in one weekend... on Friday night for a concussion (hit his head at daycare, when he threw up at 8pm, I got worried and took him in). Second time at home, he was running around, slipped, and fell... resulting in a spiral fracture of the R. Tibia.
    I'm actually shocked we didn't get more questions, and that we didn't have some kind of "home visit" after that kind of weekend...
    Fortunately, he healed well, and amazingly fast. Unfortunately, the break was through a growth plate, so growing pains are now even more painful. During growth spurts he wakes up at night in pain, and needs bigtime snuggles.
    I hope all goes well with your little one! These things happen... all you can do is give them lots and lots of love... : )

  21. Oh My Goodness!!! I HATE when my babies get hurt because of me! I'm sorry you all had to go through that!

    She is by far the CUTEST baby I've ever seen in a cast!!!! :)

  22. My son was about the same age when he slipped off our bed whilst I was changing him and he fractured his collar bone. I was devastated and felt so guilty. He is 17 now and not had any 'breakages' since!! But, I do know how you are feeling, and I hope that passes quickly as these thing happen. At least they colour co-ordinated the cast! Sue x

  23. Aww! Poor baby! I know how you feel though, my Sophie has this habit of throwing herself back or letting herself drop when you are trying to help her up...typically I wouldn't pull her up by the arms but when helping her up from a diaper change etc we do and in two months time she pulled her arm out of socket twice... I did it the first time and it went back in right afterwards but about a month later my hubby was changing her diaper and went to help her up and she threw herself back really hard and we ended up having to bring her feels aweful the looks you you said I know they are doing their job but you just want to burst into tears and say it was an accident okay I feel horrible enough can you please quit staring at me!!!!