Friday, April 29, 2011

Go vote please!

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition

Extreme Makeover projects are up so go over and vote!  I'm loving this competition because I've been able to try so many different things and use up a ton of my stash too!  My comfort zone has tripled in size if thats possible.

I wish I could tell you which one was mine because I love it, but you'll have to wait till Monday to find out.  I have some tutorials for you next week to show you how/what I made.  In the meantime head over to Extreme Makeover Fabric Edition and vote!


  1. Not hard to tell what project is yours! You have style and Sophia's cute little bottom!

  2. Well shoot! I missed the voting. :( Hope you won this week!
    I think I know which one was yours...I'll have to wait and see if I was right. If so, I'm so making that! What fun.

  3. Fantastic! Your project was just fantastic! Congratulations on the well deserved win! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!!